Open Door Community Partners, LLC was founded by Mr. Eric Gavin as a way to help cities and municipalities better address the concern of homelessness within their boundaries by implementing effective, results-driven strategies to end homelessness in collaboration with local departments and agencies.

Eric's Background

Following a successful 25-year career in Computer Software Architecture and Systems Design, Eric began to volunteer his time and attention to the concern of homelessness, believing it to be a significant economic impact on cities and the surrounding area.

He produced a local, grassroots conference to discuss the impact and potential solutions with the community of Upland, and over 150 people participated.  Following this conference came Eric’s vision that each city should establish and execute their own strategy, in collaboration with local and regional partners, to end homelessness for their own residents.

For two (2) years, Eric assisted the City of Upland, California in addressing their concerns in homelessness, leading to the creation of one of the most successful homeless service programs in the entire County, and resulting in a significant decrease in Upland’s population.

Eric Gavin